About me

My name is Timon and I am a computer scientist and avid cyclist from Berlin.

My biggest passion is change. No matter if it’s regarding technology, my diet or finding the most eco-friendly way to travel home to Berlin. I am never done looking for opportunities to improve and am quick to challenge current solutions. With an open mind and creative thinking I develop solutions and aim for simplicity.

Short CV

Since spring 2020 I am working as a full stack developer for Lean Marine, where we aim to save the planet one ship at a time. Previously I worked as an application developer for the Volvo Group.

I got my Msc. in Computer Science at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, with a thesis about invariant inference from tests in Boogie. Before that I got my Bsc. in Computer Science at Humboldt University of Berlin with a thesis about the formal verification of heap algorithms using Frama-C.

In April 2019 my brother and I launched a browser extension for a German Counter Strike league platform. We provide seamlessly integrated statistics that save our 3000+ users hours upon hours of their precious time.

Since fall of 2016 I live in Gothenburg Sweden, love being close to nature and the opportunities to explore the latter with my bike.

Among my other interests are minimalism, bio-hacking, self improvement, veganism, writing music, which I occasionally upload to my YouTube channel and cooking.

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